The Jumanji Slot Game: Enter the Jungle!

Based on the 1995 cult classic film Jumanji and its 2017 sequel, the Jumanji slot game enables you to immerse yourself in the enchanted world that captivated moviegoers. The 2018 film Jumanji is based on the same adventure-driven themes as its predecessors, but with a twist! In fact, the NetEnt Jumanji game allows players to play Jumanji Slot while increasing their possibilities of winning substantial amounts of money, all while immersed in the game’s sleek, jungle-themed visuals.

Facts Regarding the Jumanji Slot

Jumanji is one of the first online slots to incorporate classic board game elements with the free spins feature.

Are you interested in playing Jumanji but weary of rotating reels? Then, press Auto Play and decide how many times you want the reels to revolve automatically!

Jumanji has four free spin bonus features that are available during the dice roll feature and throughout the primary game, allowing you to play the Jumanji slot machine for free!

Jumanji has an astounding RTP of 96.33 percent!

Jumanji Slot Game Play NetEnt’s Jumanji has amassed a massive online following due to its numerous features, captivating imagery, and engaging gameplay. The online slot game Jumanji includes a staggering ten unique features that provide players with a continuously evolving and diverse gaming experience.

Jumanji Slot Game Images & Audio

The enhanced graphics, animation, and sound of Jumanji are designed to immerse each player in the game’s jungle setting. Expect to be immersed in the sounds and sights of distant jungles whenever you play Jumanji, as the game was inspired by the Hollywood film.

Jumanji Slot RTP & Variance

The return to player percentage of the online slot machine game Jumanji is above average at 96.33%. The variance or volatility of the Jumanji online slot game is relatively low, and there are numerous additional features and Jumanji free slot spins for hours of enjoyable play.

Bonuses, Symbols, and Functions

Jumanji offers four unique in-game free spins inspired by the original Jumanji films and board game, in addition to a Mystery Feature and Wild features that enhance gameplay and player experience. The four game features are randomly triggered.

Sticky Vines

Sticky Vines in this special feature ensure that any symbol forming part of a winning combination, as well as all Wild symbols from the initial spin, even if they were not part of the winning combination,’stick’ to the reels while other symbols continue to spin, allowing more winning symbols to be collected. These symbols remain immobile while the remaining reel positions revolve again for free. If you receive a new win, the procedure is repeated until the entire reel set is filled or there are no more winning combinations available. By activating the Sticky Vines feature in Jumanji, your chances of winning will increase.

Rainfall Wilds

In the Jumanji slot machine’s Monsoon Wilds feature, a crocodile crawls across one or two random reels, transforming all symbols on it into wilds as the remaining reels revolve. In the Jumanji video slot’s Monsoon Wilds feature, one or two reels will be covered in Wild symbols while the remaining reels continue to rotate for increased winning opportunities.

Monkey Chaos

The Monkey Mayhem feature sees some mischievous but generous monkeys rearranging symbols on the reels into winning combinations; your free spins will result in at least one guaranteed victory!

Hostile Stampede

Have you ever wished you were a part of a rhinoceros rampage in the jungle? The Jumanji Wild Stampede feature enables you to do so from the comfort of your chair while increasing your chances of winning on the Jumanji online slot! While a herd of rhinoceroses stampedes onto the screen and onto the reels, you will receive eight free spins. While playing Jumanji, the benevolent rhinos will leave between four and nine Wild symbols on your reels, increasing your chances of winning.

Tabletop Game

Upon activating the Jumanji Board Game feature, you will see a replica of the Jumanji Board Game with four Jumanji online slot Free Spin features in each quadrant of the game’s board. Once your game token appears in front of the feature, you can unlock the Jumanji free slot spins features, which include Vines Free Spins, Monsoon Free Spins, Monkey Free Spins, and Stampede Free Spins.

Mystery Function

As soon as you position your board game token on the Mystery Feature, the Jumanji online slot game Circle will offer you free spin features, coin wins that can multiply your wager by up to 10x, and additional dice rolls. Once the wheel has stopped, your Mystery Features free turn will be revealed.

Free Spins

What about the free spins? Well, you have a lot in store for you! You will immediately identify the Scatter symbol from the board game and movie as one of the primary symbols in the Jumanji slot game! All players who acquire three Scatter symbols in a single spin on the Jumanji online slot will activate the bonus board game. The number of rolls granted to players will depend on the number of Scatters they acquire. The player’s token will move around the board until it falls on one of the board game’s free spin bonus options!

Vines Free Spins

Ten free spins are awarded for the Vines bonus round.

Monsoon Free Spins

On the Jumanji video slot’s Monsoon bonus feature, players receive seven free spins.

Free Monkey Spins

On the Moneky feature, players will receive six free rounds on the Jumanji slot machine.

Free Stampede Spins

On the Stampede feature, players will receive five free spins, with a stampede of rhinos occurring after each spin.

Can I play Jumanji slot machine game for free?

By playing the Jumanji free slot demo at no cost, players can test their fate with no financial risk.

How do I obtain free chances while playing Jumanji?

It is straightforward to obtain Jumanji free slot spins! When you land three scatter symbols on the reels, you gain access to the Jumanji board game feature. If your token lands on one of the board’s four corners, you’ll receive one of four distinct Jumanji free spins with special features!

What is the RTP for Jumanji?

The Jumanji slot machine has an above-average return to user percentage of 96.33%.

Our Verdict: Jumanji Slot

Jumanji is a lively and thrilling online video slot that offers hours of entertainment, generous winning opportunities, and free spins as part of the Jumanji free play experience! Discover the jungle and your winning potential in this entertaining game.






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